God Of War Ragnarok: Composer disappointed to be cut out of credits

God Of War Ragnarok

Jessica Mao is a composer who took part in the construction of the soundtrack of God of War Ragnarok, but although her contribution was still important in the development of the game, her name does not appear in the credits, which caused her some disappointment.

Mao expressed her feelings on Twitter, where she also highlighted some parts of the work done within the game, with some music tracks and even original ideas for composing the soundtrack. Unfortunately, however, the composer is not included in the official credits, therefore her name does not appear in the credits of God of War Ragnarok.

The musician explained that she had asked Sony Santa Monica for information, but that she had received as an answer the fact that she could not be credited due to not having met the “minimum criteria” to be credited as part of those who contributed to the development of the game.

“This was incredibly unfortunate and disheartening for me to know,” Mao explained, “And I don’t wish anyone to be in the same situation as me.” As explained by the musician herself, her contribution took place in a rather short period of time, i.e. from June to August 2021, which could explain the fact that she was cut out of the credits for a game in development for over 4 years.

However, her contribution was still important, as explained in more detail: Jessica Mao worked in the field of music production as a collaborator in Santa Monica, working in particular on the arrangements of different parts of the soundtrack. For example, you have personally edited and rearranged a part of the final mix that accompanies the boss fight against Thor.

Despite this, his name does not appear in the credits and apparently, it cannot be inserted even afterward, since a change to this component seems unlikely. The idea is that the end credits (the full ones) are actually rendered as a separate movie, which doesn’t make them easy to edit.

Based on other testimonies, it seems that even some localization managers do not appear in the credits of God of War Ragnarok, despite the fact that these contain a truly enormous list of names, underlining once again how widespread problems of non-crediting of the game are in the gaming industry. work done, in various fields.


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