Huawei’s new laptop expected to run Android App


Before the Apple conference, Huawei’s official Weibo terminal announced that it will hold a new Huawei Smart Office product launch on September 13. Earlier news revealed that Huawei’s new MateBook notebooks, Huawei printers and other new products will be unveiled this time. It is also reported that Huawei will also release a 14-inch big-screen mobile phone that night.

Just as many users speculated about what new species this is, today the official Weibo of Huawei’s terminal revealed the answer- You can play on mobile phones, so are TAs. Get one office equipment. On September 13, lock on Huawei Smart Office. The new product launch conference will reveal the answer.

From the warm-up poster of view, this is clearly a new laptop, but its most important feature is that you can run Android applications, including vibrato, the public comment, the Himalayas and so can run. A blogger revealed that the notebook will be equipped with Huawei’s self-developed engine, which allows the mobile app to run on the computer. It has been tested internally before.


Another blogger posted a screenshot of the Huawei Mobile Application Engine, which can run mobile applications on Huawei PCs. All mobile applications come from the official Huawei PC application market. Its biggest function is to achieve a PC with a larger screen than a mobile phone and efficient input through the keyboard and mouse to operate online lessons, watch short mobile videos, edit pictures and videos, play mobile games, etc. The multi-window display is consistent with the Windows experience.

According to the news, Huawei will release two notebooks, Matebook 13S and 14S, on September 13, and new products such as printers will appear on the same stage.

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