Revenue is less than 2%, Russian players do not have NVIDIA graphics cards available

NVIDIA Graphics Cards

NVIDIA released its financial report a few days ago. In addition to announcing its operating performance for the current quarter, NVIDIA also confirmed one thing in the report, that is, the company has ended its operations in Russia in the Q3 quarter of the fiscal year 2023. This matter is no longer news. In October, NVIDIA announced that it had closed its offices in Russia.

In March of this year, NVIDIA announced the cessation of business operations in Russia. At that time, there were still about 240 employees in the local area. After the business was shut down, the remaining employees had two options, either agree to relocate abroad, and employees who did not want to relocate will be disbanded under the premise of consensus, and NVIDIA will give a certain amount of severance pay.

NVIDIA explained that the reason for closing the office and laying off employees is that they cannot ensure that they can continue to work effectively locally. NVIDIA graphics cards have also been banned from sale. Not only data center graphics cards can’t be sold, but game cards can’t be sold either. The RTX 40 series will no longer be sold through official channels.

According to NVIDIA’s data, this decision has little impact on them. Russia only accounts for 2% of its revenue. In terms of game cards alone, the proportion is a little higher, about 4%, which is an acceptable loss. Russian PC users cannot buy directly now, but it does not mean that they are completely insulated from RTX 40 series graphics cards, and there are parallel channels, that is, the parallel market.

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