This is the Samsung’s smartphone Profit Share in Six Years

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According to the latest report, the Korean giant Samsung has managed to grow its profit share in the third quarter of this year. According to a report by market research firm Strategy Analytics, the company had over 30 percent profit share in the smartphone segment.

In Q3 2020, Samsung’s smartphone business added a 32.6 percent share of the global profits in the smartphone segment. Notably, this is an 18.8 percent increase from its profit share in the same quarter last year.

Samsung’s latest profit share is the largest it has achieved since the second quarter of 2014. Back in Q2 2014, the South Korean tech giant had a 37.9 percent share.

As on the top Apple retain its position as the world’s most profitable smartphone maker. According to the report, the company had a 60.5 percent profit share in the third quarter.

If you talk about the Samsung revenue, it stands at 22.6 percent in the third quarter, while Apple leads with 29.5 percent during the same quarter.

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