Twitter Blue: New accounts now have to wait 90 days to subscribe

Twitter Blue

Maybe verifying all Twitter Blue subscribers was a bad idea, but now Elon Musk is trying to get it back together. Now a waiting time is introduced until you have the opportunity to get the blue tick. Twitter now requires new accounts to wait 90 days before they can access the Blue subscription. Maybe a step in the right direction, but who says you can’t just wait 90 days before posting crap on Twitter?!

As always, it shows the chaotic approach of Elon Musk, who is not exactly known for structured work, but rather makes decisions based on gut feeling. Before Elon Musk took over the Twitter application, it was easy to tell fake accounts from real accounts with a blue check. Twitter users such as celebrities, members of the media, government officials and others all had a blue tick. This badge set her apart from potential impersonators on Twitter.

After Musk’s takeover of Twitter, he apparently thought it wise to make some changes to the platform. One of those changes was making a Blue Check, or verification badge, available to anyone. It only costs $8 a month to become a verified user on Twitter.

However, this opened the floodgates for imitators and fake accounts. So why they changed the system is easy to guess – to make money. But unfortunately, it went really wrong. What’s next for Twitter? It could be that you won’t even be able to tweet in 90 days, because more and more employees are currently leaving the company. Even entire departments are said to have thrown in the towel. And that after half of the workforce had already been laid off.


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