WhatsApp Desktop: Lock screen also coming to PC with an upcoming beta

WhatsApp Desktop Lock

The last week has been particularly full of news for WhatsApp, given that the famous messaging application has received a series of very important and long-awaited functions, such as the ability to create polls and send messages to yourself. in order to store information and multimedia files with extreme simplicity.

But that’s not all, given that the beta version of the application has finally seen the activation of multi-device functions also on smartphones, filling – only partially in reality, given the numerical limit of devices that can be configured at the same time – the gap in functionality that separates it from Telegram.

Remaining in the beta area, the latest sighting of WABetaInfo suggests that the company is working on a new security option for the desktop version of the application: let’s talk about the possibility of activating the screen lock on the PC as well.

Present for several years now on Android and iOS, the screen lock allows you to add a further level of security to the application, by requesting biometric authentication or entering a code every time you try to open the application so that conversations are not directly accessible even when the smartphone is unlocked.

It seems that the same function is also planned for the desktop version of WhatsApp, although at the moment it is not clear whether it will be possible to use the biometric authentication sensors present on the PC, such as Touch ID on Macs or Windows Hello in the Microsoft environment. The attached image, in fact, only shows us the possibility of using a password.

At the moment there are no details regarding the implementation timing within the WhatsApp Desktop beta channel, so we will have to wait for further details on the matter.

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